Feasibility Study

Pacific Construction Feasibility Study

A feasibility observation meeting is used to find out if a project is feasible prior to investing real resources and dollars, often experts are hired to determine if a proposed improvement will be doable, profitable as well as what risks it will encounter.

The feasibility observation meeting will occur prior to project initiation or often, such meeting will discuss the improvement options and experts brain storming with the client’s desires and helps to objectively decide whether to proceed with a proposed project

A feasibility observation meeting will contain and reviews:

Project Description – Identify the project and proposals including stakeholders, and end result expected, optional designs with consideration of Architectural, Engineering, rules& regulations,Recommendations of the Building Systems, Materials & Structure for the project along with having financial interest as a significant factor as part of such discussions

Timeline – What will be the estimated time until project completion

Estimated Costs and Budgeting – Include all costs incurred for the project

Market Analysis – If applicable, will the market or market environment benefit from the project

Project Process – Ideas of how will the project flow?

Management and Teams – Who will manage and who will work on scheduled tasks?

Summary of Observations&Project Problems –Risk or problematic areas that need to be addressed, clearly identified and if outcomes be beneficial or deterrent?

Statements that do or don’t support the project


For projects with additional square footage or height and size increase Zoning and Planning regulations may also effect the proposal and a “comprehensive Feasibility study” is highly recommended to determine limitation of designs in order to provide a suited, desired and beneficial proposal


Why Architectural Feasibility Study versus a full-service Architectural contract is more beneficial and why Conceptual Vision:

  • Most Real estate experts are not familiar with design nor engineering
  • Most “designers” are not familiar with codes and construction practices
  • Most Code Consultants and contractors don’t have vision for design possibilities

If any of disciplines are hired on individual basis their ideas will not be of any real value to an Owner other than coming up with a pretty design that can’t be built or cost so much that it is not feasible to construct versus Conceptual Vision professional, who at initial meeting will discuss the wants and needs of the Owners; observe the existing conditions affecting those wants and needs such as zoning issues, structural issues, budget constraints  etc..; and determine if this project is a candidate for the proposed improvement and also for an Comprehensive Architectural Feasibility Studywithout locking into a long-term relationship.

The difference between offering a Feasibility observation meetingversus a full-service Architectural contract is that full-service contracts require much more comprehensive Architectural details and specifications that are not necessary for those Owners just wanting to find out if their project can be achieved within their budget and programmatic requirements.  A full-service contract commits the Owners to full Architectural services from feasibility design, to construction drawings for permit, and through field visit inspections during construction.  If no one is sure what is going to be built, then why would an Owner commit to a full-service Architectural contract from the beginning?

By just committing to a Feasibility observation meeting, the Owners can invest much less dollars and once a final feasibility design is established, then if they so choose, commit to a more comprehensive contract.  By this time the Architect will have a much clearer scope of program, construction costs, and be able to determine a more finite fee to prepare construction documents for permit.

Depending on the project size and exactly what needs to be known to move forward with the project either a Feasibility observation meeting” or a comprehensive Feasibility studyfor a fraction of a full service Architectural contractwill provide analysis and  the information needed to make the right decision an Even if it is chosen not to go forward with the project many portions of a feasibility observation meeting with relatively minor adjustments may be used for future improvements.

There are many rules, regulations, laws, codes, jurisdictions and variables that affect what could be built on the site. They also limit how tall the building can be, how close it can be built to property linesand other factors that will affect the size and shape of the building. Such info are based on each individual lot and require contacting planning authorities and in some grey area cases discussing the issues several times to obtain an conceptual proposal, which lead this study to a “comprehensive Feasibility study”

A summary of “comprehensive Feasibility study” is typically : Feasibility observation meeting • Zoning District Summary for the District(s) • Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Which is the Maximum Area You’re Able to Build On Site • Setbacks Required • Lot coverage & Open Space Required • Building height & Number of Floors Allowed  • Rough square footage of spaces for the development

Additionally, time to time there are existing (As Built) building, which were not built up to codes, and depending on how you want to renovate, reuse, or demolish it, will determine what you’re able to rebuild on-site.  Meeting with Project Goals Through a Feasibility Study with Conceptual Vision code experts we will review all of the information mentioned above and more will advise you of best optimal option to legalize the as -built structure in order to get the most out of the building project while working with desired building type, use, budget, schedule, goals and priorities.


Given all the factors that affect the potential of a building project, it’s in the best interest to perform a Feasibility observation meeting”or a “comprehensive Feasibility study”as the first step to thoroughly evaluate all the options and solutions available to you for the building project and present those options to you so you can move forward with a strategy that is best for your unique project and goals.

The cost of “Feasibility observation meeting” for one-time meeting with our experts up to 3 hours is $750 and the cost of “comprehensive Feasibility study” would be $750 plus $125 hourly for the recorded times of gathering planning, zoning needed info and integrating them into proposed design


Below you find a few samples of our designs and improvements on some recent projects ….

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