Real Estate Investments

Pacific Construction Real Estate Opportunity & Partnership


We invest through dedicated local teams focusing on value creation opportunities in residential and multi-family properties by acquiring or getting in partnerships with the owners of distressed residential real estate properties, we then renovate those properties to exceptional standards and sell them to new homeowners looking for high quality remodeled homes for a shared  profit.


"Flipping properties” is where a real estate investor purchases a property for less than its value, makes the renovations within a short period of time, and then sells the property for a profit.


Few years ago due to several foreclosures investors could easily invest in flipping properties and realize a quick and profitable return, unfortunately that climate has changed and today flipping properties requires the high ability to perform a detailed analysis, which includes ways to economically improve the property while maximizing the profit, as well as evaluating the market to predict what the after repair value will be otherwise such investment may be directed to a huge loss and could have serious impact on the financial situations for years to come.


We have been in real estate & construction for over 20 years and we had several minor & major renovations in those years. As real estate professionals (Realtor, Designer, Engineer, Contractor and Investor), we have developed an exquisite reputation and really encourage you to join our INVESTMENT PROGRAM to virtually eliminate all the risks mentioned.


Our Investment Program is very unique and customized on each case or property.

-Investors will become our partners by bringing in their property to be renovated and sold thereafter.

-Or just bringing in their financial means for entire or partial acquisition of one of our upcoming distressed property renovation projects.

-Additionally, our team also offers high-quality real estate brokerage, whether buying or selling our team is dedicated to put our experience and local knowledge to work for you in all steps of your real estate transaction, from start to finish.


Please contact us to discuss and learn about more details of any type of investment partnership or learn of how we can assist with your real-estate needs.


Below are a few of our flip projects:

Del Mar Before


Del Mar After


Del Sur Before


Del Sur After


Rancho Santa Fe Exterior Before


Rancho Santa Fe Exterior After


La Jolla Before


La Jolla After


La Jolla Before


La Jolla After


Pacific Beach Exterior Before


Pacific Beach Exterior After


Pacific Beach Exterior Before


Pacific Beach Exterior After


Carlsbad Exterior Before


Carlsbad Exterior After


La Jolla Exterior Before


La Jolla Exterior After


Additional Project Photos